5 Cup Experiment

I am as busy as a bee and often wonder if I am giving too much importance to one aspect of my life while ignoring another. 

Flipping through the pages of Spirituality and Health magazine, I found a little write up that answered this question perfectly.

Write down your top priorities in life. For me it is kids, spouse, pet, spirituality, self. So that is 5 in all. Take 5 empty cups and put them out every morning, each cup representing one aspect you have listed. Set aside the same number of dried beans as cups (5 in my case). At the end of the day put a bean in every cup if you feel you have devoted time to that aspect of your life. 

The goal is to identify patterns and course correct for the oft neglected areas.

So simple yet so powerful. I am putting this to test starting today in all aspect of my life.

I hope this is useful to some of you as well.

Wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

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