Beyond my senses

My religious and spiritual journey has been like a sinusoidal wave. When I was at the lowest point, I had trouble believing in anything I could not feel, touch, hear, see. 

I came across a story that changed my perception.

A famous scientist(A) was traveling in a train full of notables and was reading The Bible to pass his time. One revered scientist(Mr. S) mockingly said he should not waste his time reading things that don’t exist. A smiled and said nothing. They got talking of other things and A invited Mr. S to his lab eventually.

Mr. S was thrilled to be in A’s lab and was admiring each one of the displays. He was finally taken to a room which had a breathtaking display of the solar system. After admiring it for a few hours he asked A who had built it. A replied that it was his handiwork. Mr. S was spellbound by the beauty of the exhibit and started praising A.

A asked Mr. S a simple question in the end – “If you can so easily believe that I handcrafted the model of the solar system in this room, why is it difficult for you to believe in a Supreme Creator of the Universe”.

Takeaway – Just because I cannot use my senses to see certain things it does not mean they don’t exist.

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