Green peas and spinach

My niece is a year older than my daughter. I visited my brother’s family a few days after the birth of their daughter. My goal was to also understand what was coming for me in terms of diaper duty, feeding schedules and oh my so much more.

I picked up cooking duties to help out for a bit and went to the pantry to get some kitchen supplies. Lo behold I found tiny jars of spinach and kale, yam and carrots and such cutely named jarred food. Upon further inquiry I found out that it was baby food for well ah the baby. I see, mental note.

Fast forward to kiddo’s birth. I too lined up my pantry with amazing and delicious sounding jarred baby food and was prepared to cater gourmet food for whatever she was in the mood for. I thought, there has been so much progress in this world since I was born. Companies sell jarred food to make lives easier for over worked families. I thanked the universe and my lucky stars for bringing it to my attention.

When kiddo was finally ready for baby food , I took the yummiest sounding one and took a spoonful of it and fed it to her. She was quite for a bit and then spit it out. The baby food drool still so vivid made its way down from her mouth to her bib (another invention I used to love). Ok , no problemo I had a hundred other varieties. I tried one after the other for several days and did not have to go too far to see our own less beautiful version of Niagara Falls.

Mommy brains can work in all directions. One day I decided to taste the food. Looks good must taste great as well I thought. One spoonful and my tongue involuntarily spit out the food. My mouth was filled with a taste I had never experienced before. Bland, saltless and tasteless. If an adult hates this food, why on earth would the child like it? The logic failed me.

I decided to make food for her at home and pretty much gave her a no spice version of what we ate. Oh the aroma of ghee wafted through the air, pinched her tiny nostrils and dragged her to the kitchen. She scarfed down food and I had to make extra in case she went for fourths.

My point being … I will let you fill in the blanks.

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