The cup runneth over

I have heard this story numerous times, every time I get teary eyed. Please read to the very end. I promise it will be worth your time.

A Persian leader arrived in the state of Gujarat (India) with a few of his people seeking asylum. The king of Gujarat was a kind person and granted him a meeting to discuss the asylum issue.

The Persian leader requested the King to grant asylum to him and his people. The King whispered something into his aide’s ear. The aide came back with a cup that was filled to the brim with milk. The king pointed to the cup and said that he was already up to capacity serving his people and could not take on additional work. If he granted asylum, the milk would overflow.

The Persian leader whispered something into the aide’s ear. The aide came back with a spoon of sugar. The leader mixed the spoon of sugar into the milk and said that his people would just blend in and add sweetness to everyone’s life and asked the king to reconsider his decision.

The rest my friends is history..

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