Who does not like stories?

When I have to explain a difficult science or math concept I like to build a story for it. This helps the listener connect better with the concept. 

However, I realize that I do tend to build stories around pretty much everything. As rightly pointed out in the book ‘Stillness Speaks’ – Eckhart Tolle, we tend to build stories around people or situations that feed our egoistic soul. Instead of saying “she did not call at the appointed time” we tell ourselves “hmm , looks like the call was not important enough for her so she did not call me at 4pm.”

So true.. I decided to give this a try to see if it made a difference.

Driving home at 7 pm, I tried calling hubby so he could warm up dinner. He did not pick up the phone. I was mad and my mind went on to tell me that he never has his phone next to him when I am not home. What if I were in an emergency and needed him. I stormed into the house ready to unleash my anger when another voice asked me to calm down.

Instead of rah rah rah grrr…, I said hey can you keep the phone next to you when I am not home? I felt good and the advice allowed me to salvage the rest of the evening and have a joyful and quite dinner.

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