Nature or Nurture?

I am a home body and love hanging out in my yard. There are so many different varieties of plants that I have stopped trying to even remember their names. I just call them as the pink one or the white one etc – easier that way.

During a zen moment, it dawned upon me that every plant has its own schedule for blooming and remaining dormant. The red one was dormant all of fall and winter and is in full bloom now. The white one that is so fragrant, blooms all year around. The green grass (yes, I know one name) adds aesthetic beauty and nothing else, but without it the yard would look somewhat less than.. The Oak Tree stands tall and took several years to grow, but neither the wind or sun can touch it now. It stands firmly rooted and knows the value it adds – it does not need to prove itself to anyone – I AM. The hibiscus was quick to grow from the seedling but is not as tall as the Oak.

Everyone has a place and perform best when they try to be who they are. No need to pretend to be someone else. No need to make an extrovert out of an introvert. No need to make a doer out of a thinker. Let people be who they are. Everyone has a place in this world and everyone is needed and valued.

I have watched a few shows on TV where they do plastic surgery to give the person a nose like A, ears like B, mouth like C. The end result is .. well unrecognizable. I think God had a plan when creating us, so why mess with it?

This might ring true when raising kids. Allow them to follow their nature. Observe and let be.. No need to force an engineer out of an artist, a doctor out of an entrepreneur. I think I have made my point (dropping mic.. and leaving stage)

My 2 cents.

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