My mommy is better than your mommy

I had picked up kiddo from preschool and we were driving home. She was emptying out the happenings of the day and mentioned that Susy and Mark had been given a time out by Ms. Lee. “Curiosity killed the cat” and I succumbed to preschool gossip.

Susy and Mark had gotten themselves into an argument on whose mommy is better. Each had held their own until Susy broke down and Ms. Lee had to intervene. Ms. Lee had a ‘talk’ with everyone as it was a teachable moment. She said that we all love our mommies and they are the best. But, that does not mean we can compare our mommies to other mommies OR put other mommies down.

I had an aha moment myself. I am spiritual not religious. I believe and respect all cultures and take the best of all cultures. I do not mind celebrating Easter or having a dip in The Ganges. There is something to learn from everyone. We all have good mommies and need to respect other mommies.

On that note, Easter is fast approaching and the essence of it is – out with the old and in with the new. Hmm, what habits can I get rid off that do not serve me? What habits can I adopt that will make me a better earthling?

When it comes to friendships, I expect my friends to be everything – a great listener, fantastic shopping buddy, a phenomenal psychotherapist etc. Instead, I need to realize that everyone cannot be everything. Each friend has his/her strengths and I need to focus on their strengths and recognize that each person serves a different purpose in my life.

So, this Easter I resolve to get rid off “expectations” and practice”acceptance”.

Amen to that!

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