You had me at hello

Many moons ago, hubby took me shopping to a bustling mall (way back when people went to malls to pass time). We went to Eddie Bauer and I tried on a few clothes. The attendant was very helpful and I truly enjoyed the experience. I loved the friendly interaction and was made to feel that I was the most important customer in the world.

Amazon rolled in and I started doing all my shopping online. From cookies to clothes, everything was at my door step within 24 hours or less. It is a very convenient service when kiddo announces she has a birthday party tomorrow and needs a gift for her best friend in the next 2 hours (thank you Amazon lockers).

I do miss the human interaction and the shopping experience at a brick and mortar store nevertheless. Determined to spend my money at a B&M store I drove myself to Walmart to buy cereal and cake pop sticks. I spent more money on gas than at the store , but that is beside the point.

As soon as I entered, a lady wearing a Walmart coat stepped in my way and greeted me. I was stunned, someone wishing me at a store? Is she really talking to me, I wondered? Did not want to be rude and wished her back, smiled and moved on. I had not recovered from the pleasant experience when another employee asked me if I needed assistance (I think my shocked reaction had not worn off and I was giving off a “I need some help right now people” vibe). So, even though I knew where to find what I was looking for,I did not feel like turning her away and dampen her enthusiasm. She showed me where to find what I was looking for, after thanking her profusely I added an item I did not need to my cart (happens every time – why do I even make a list?)

Fast forward to the checkout line, the cashier greeted me and made small talk around the canning jars (do not judge – they were on sale) and cheese cloth ( I got excited and had to get it).

Universe, what an amazing experience I noted and walked to the exit door where I was met by the receipt checker who was thrilled that I had spent a lot of money at the store and asked me to come back again.

I miss brick and mortar stores. More than that, I miss good customer service. I am definitely a fan for life of the new and improved Walmart experience.

Disclaimer – I do not work at Walmart, no member of my family works at Walmart, Walmart did not pay me to write this.

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