Me Myself & I

I love to cook and the correct brand of ingredients are very important. I was at a store trying to find my favorite brand of pasta. I walked up to the pasta isle, to the spot where it is usually shelved but could not find it. I went closer to the shelves and scanned vertically and horizontally then asked for assistance. The helper found the brand for me and said they constantly moved things around. For next time, I should stand way back and look at the entire shelf from a distance that is – get a wider perspective. That would help me see the “bigger” picture and help me spot things easily and quickly. This trick has never failed me since. I implore you to try it next time at the store.

Hubby was in a car accident a few years back. There was heavy downpour and the light had just turned green. His car was the first and he started moving ahead slowly. All of a sudden, a distracted driver from the opposite direction made a left. In order to avoid a collision, hubby swerved the car onto the side and hit a rail inadvertently. Following this, the other car crashed into our Lexus leaving it completely mangled.

Needless to say insurance numbers had to be exchanged and cops had to be called and his car was totaled.

If I look at the accident alone (close up view) it seems to be so wrong. This should not have happened, our beautiful Lexus should not have been totaled, we should not have had to spend $$ and buy a new car etc. When I step back and see the “wider” perspective it seems that God had a plan.

That day, a few strangers pulled up behind hubby and waited with him until the cops arrived. They gave him a spare umbrella to keep, and volunteered to be the witness for future follow ups (insurance etc). One of them drove hubby home. When hubby had to speak with the insurance agents/cops it was smooth as china silk.

My faith in God was restored. I had been mad at God for a while, but the fact that hubby was unharmed, not a scratch on him was truly a miracle, considering the other car crashed into the driver’s side.

My faith in humanity was restored. Those angels who helped hubby – I am not sure how I can ever thank them. Until then, I thought people lived in isolation in a world that embodies “Me myself and I”.

So, from that incident I learned a very important lesson – not to look at anything in isolation. Taking a step back and getting a wide lens perspective helps me realize that everything is part of God’s plan. I may or may not understand the “big” picture but can be rest assured that God does.

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