Small, Medium or Large?

I left for my morning walk at 9 am and was hot, sweaty and tired by the time I got home. Camila Cabello & BeBe Rexha were trying their best to keep me upbeat, but the blazing sun wore me down.

If you were to ask me about my favorite time of the year, I would say it depends. I love summer because of the warmth it brings to my day. Grocery stores are piled with fresh produce waiting to be picked up and assembled into a delicious dish. Beach trips are galore and waking up late in the morning not having to adhere to a schedule is oh so delightful!

I like winters because it is cozy with lots of celebrations. Almost all the significant holidays happen around fall and winter. ‘Tis the time of year to receive and give and make those long haul trips to visit relatives in far away lands.

Rain brings life to the parched earth and out come the bright umbrellas and rain boots. Also, who am I kidding? – I save a TON on water bills.

So, my dear readers – it all depends on what my goals are. Every season offers ups and downs, it is entirely up to me what I choose to highlight as my favorite season.

A friend who has moved from out of state was asking for my advice on the best school for her son. Too many choices she said – private, public, charter, magnet, home school, Montessori? I paused and said , it all depends on what your goals are for your son. To each his own. Public schools might work well for some kids, private for others, homeschool for some and charter for others. There are no right or wrong choices, it all depends on the child’s needs, the financial situation of parents and many other factors. Decide on your top 3 goals and as long as they are met you have probably made the right choice for your child – I suggested.

One size does not fit all.

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