Three brothers gate crashed a wedding. They were beaten up severely and went home dejected. Over dinner this is what each of them had to say

Brother 1 – I am never gate crashing a wedding again.

Brother 2 – I saw the goons who beat us up. I will go back and beat the day lights out of them.

Brother 3 – I am going to make so much money that everyone in this town will want to invite me to every wedding and celebration.

Dear readers, which reaction do you think is ‘right’?

I am an introvert all the way through and dislike being in crowded places. I shut down around loud people and just let them hold the spot light. Our social network was made of all kinds of people[loud and very loud] and I would feel uncomfortable every time we got invited to a social gathering.

A few years later, I could not take it anymore and announced to hubby that I was not going to make it to these meetups and was happy staying home by myself.

Over time, I felt that was not the right choice. I needed social interactions, so decided to ‘fake it’ and blend with the crowd. I was exhausted when I got home and was not happy with this choice either.

Finally, I chose a middle path and chose to interact with people I felt comfortable with. I met them 1-1 for coffee or meals instead of large crowded gatherings.

I realized how I reacted paved the way forward. All of my reactions were ‘right’ and lead me down different paths. How do you my friends choose to react today?

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