Adventures of Cherry

I was doing yard work and Cherry my cuter than cute dog was hanging out with me. I glanced at her every now and then and continued my work. I got so immersed that I did not notice she had slipped away.

There is a crack in our fence and she had done some serious yoga moves to get through and out. I panicked and yelled at the top of my lungs. I knocked on every neighbor’s door and could not find her. My family brought the treats out and we started looking for her up and down the street. I did not care what others thought, my Cherry had to be found. I continued calling her name out.

I think she finally heard my calls and came down a hill. She had reached the top of a hill close to my house and was hanging out there until she heard me. She made her way down and happily jumped into my arms.

I wondered: my mind is like Cherry – if it has nothing to do, it escapes and can go to any height to be free from me and do its own thinking ranging from sadness to anxiety to remorse to god knows what!

I need to give my mind something to do at all times so it cannot escape to far away lands. Wandering and imagination are different. When you wander you are aimless, lost. When you imagine you think of new possibilities and create. So, there is a difference – I am all for imagination and against aimless wanderings.

Cherry oh well, that dog needs some serious training. That cute face will only take her so far.

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