I shall not be moved

I used to watch a show “Still Standing” until it went off air. I found it very amusing to mark the reactions on Bill and Judy’s face when one of their kids outwitted them with his knowledge of everything. I thought it was strange for kids to know much more than their parents until …

Kiddo is razor sharp and constantly drops facts on us ranging from Coco Chanel’s fashion choices to number patterns to how amazing a Paramecium is. We have that expression on our face (a cross between how could we not know this + is this really our child)?

At the end of the school year we were sent a list of electives for the upcoming year. It had a list of subjects we did not know even existed. We got excited just reading through – Graphic Design for the artist in you to Speech & Debate for the politician in you, it claimed. We rubbed our hands together and called an evening meeting to discuss our top two choices.

Hubby and I had 2 of our own choices and secretly wanted to compete on who was a better parent and knew their kid better. Kiddo marched in and declared that she wanted to sign up for Drama and something else that I do not even remember. Pause … Longer pause.. and then as good parents we asked, why drama? It is a great choice we said, but why drama kiddo, we asked?

She said subjects at her grade were already fast paced. She wanted a break from the intensity of the day and do something fun and creative. Something that allowed her to relax. A period when, I can act, sing, share and create, she said patiently. It engaged a part of her brain that would not be used otherwise (see , I told you) was her final zinger.

We argued and said speech and debate would set her up for success in life when she had to make presentations to CEOs and convince them of whatever needed convincing. Or,we said, look at Graphic Arts (art and design and computers(AI is the next in thing)- what is not to like??

Kiddo stood by her choice and we gave in. We approved of her choices and signed that piece of paper that was to be turned in the next day. We were disappointed and surprised but we let her choose what made her happy.

I have been reading “Braving The Wilderness” – Brene Brown and came across a poem by Maya Angelou – “Our Grandmothers”. The line that inspired this post was “I shall not be moved . Like a tree planted by the river, I shall not be moved“. Like the tree – bend, stretch and grow but do not be moved. Stand by your beliefs and values and do not be moved.

Kiddo had done just that.

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