Of moats and crocodiles

On a recent visit to *Lisboa (Portugal), we took a trip to the outskirts of the town to see some magnificent castles. During one such tour, the guide pointed out to a moat that had been built to keep the castle safe from enemies. It used to be full of crocodiles that would tear apart people entering the water in order to get to the fortress/castle.

Cherry does not have fixed eating times. She nibbles all day and most times, ants would have joined the party and would be all over her food. I decided to use the moat concept and placed her food bowl over a tray of water. In no time I noticed that the food was safe and secure and free of ants.

Ok, I thought, the moat is working on ants, can this be extended to myself in some way? Hubby could not join kiddo and I on a vacation. I took kiddo all by myself on the plane, in an Uber to the resort, and then around town.

I was scared to the bones but got through it with faith in God. Every step of the way I prayed, and God came through. We not only had a fantastic vacation but also met strangers who were willing to go out of the way to help us. The cab driver who dropped us off, gave me his number and asked me to call him if there was a problem getting back into town, which was an hour away. I did call him on the way back and he not only came through for us but also took us to a grocery store to get essentials for the evening.

That day I learned to counteract every negative feeling/emotion with a moat.

Beat Fear with Faith

Beat Anxiety with Preparation

Beat Loneliness with Service

Beat Anger with Karma (faith in Karma – that is)

Beat that person I dislike meeting every day on my walk with creative thinking { I changed my hours so I would not run into that person}. Hey, do not judge, I am not perfect!! 😛

*Lisboa aka Lisbon. I just heart calling it by its original name.

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