‘Cause you’re worth it

I love this tagline by L’Oreal – ‘cause you’re worth it‘.

During the final semester of college, we had a guest speaker (let me call her Ms. X). She was eloquent & poised and the work she described she was doing, was just too exciting. After the talk, I walked up to her and asked if we could be in touch. She said she was looking for bright, young people to join her team and if the stars aligned well, we could work together in the future – so yeah, of course, we could be in touch.

Fast forward, several emails & interviews later, I was sitting with other interns scratching my head on how to write code. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. So, I toiled away from morn till night trying to piece it all together.

Interactions with Ms.X were difficult. She was not the eloquent, poised person I had met. It seemed like she woke up on the wrong side of her bed every day and hurled abuse after abuse at the speed of canning jars on a conveyor belt. She did not see anything good in our work and was not interested in coaching us either.

The lowly interns sat at lunch every day and swapped abuse stories. Some of us were tougher and just wanted to get through the internship period and then apply for a job under someone else, some of us (ahem – me) could not digest it. Why put up with it, I asked? How can someone take away your self-respect just because of who they are? How can you do exciting work under unexciting conditions, I asked?

My friends comforted me by saying that the job was too good to be true, the pay was too good to be true, the opportunities were too good <fill in the blank>. If future employers saw this on your resume ….., they said.

I left after six months. I would rather be paid less money and have more self-respect and dignity than being paid more money and being made to feel like a piece of trash, the scum of the earth.


‘CAUSE I AM WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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