It’s you, not me

Cassie and I meet once a year. But, when we do, we pick up right where we left off. Its a friendship that is unique and I really do not know how or why we are such good friends despite the infrequent meetings.

Anyway, we exchanged pleasantries and I asked her how her new entrepreneurial venture was getting along? She is a stay at home mom and had started a baby book subscription service. She had sent everyone she knew an email, asking us to sign up for free and try it out for a month, so she could fix errors before she did a bigger launch.

What is not to like with baby books and a free subscription service? So, I got my weekly installments of Eric Carle, Good night Moon etc.

Cassie brought up something that surprised me. She said that despite the freebie nature of the service, her own relatives and close friends had not signed up. She was disappointed that her own kith and kin would not support her on a brand new venture. She called them up a week after she had sent that email, to followup, and they said they had been busy and would sign up eventually or gave some other excuse, and never did.

She asked me if I could make any sense of that?

Tough one.

By acknowledging some one else’s success, people probably think they are in some sense acknowledging that the other person is better, superior, smarter, more entrepreneurial, <positive quality> than them. By not signing up or giving much thought or making time for that person, they probably send the message that it(the venture/project) is not worth their time. It is a power game in some sense – I am not going to let you be better than me.

I told Cassie it was not that they disliked her, it was probably their own insecurity that stopped them from supporting her or from being her cheer leader.

It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy

a friend who has prospered.


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