Broken left

This post is not based on politics 🙂

A whole ten minutes got added to our commute yesterday because the left signal was broken. We got behind a line of cars waiting to make a left, realized that would never happen, then moved out, made a U a mile down, and then landed where we needed to be. Phew! I am tired already.

Today we made a split second decision to get into the left lane (the same one that was broken yesterday). I asked kiddo “Hey, what do you want us to do? Take a chance or go straight?” We were the first car in the dreaded left lane, if we got the light, we would reach in no time. If the light was broken, get out, make a U …

So, we waited with bated breath. Cars on the right were zooming, cars on the opposite side were crawling. Did we make a mistake, should we have just gone through, oh why do I do this. Take a chance ?? what in the world, why first thing in the morning, could I not have waited until the afternoon to take a chance – I thought.

Just then, the left arrow turned green. A huge sense of relief washed over me. Kiddo and I high fived each other and reached our destination in no time.

A very important lesson for kiddo today – take a chance, it is ok. Do not sit in the comfort zone all the time. If it works out GREAT! If not,

Well, if the light had not turned green, we would have found a few alternate ways of getting to our destination :-).


Be passionate about your life. Learn to live without the fear of failing. Take a chance, you just might surprise yourself. – Nishan Panwar



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