I was MIA yesterday because I was volunteering at an event. I was super excited to be serving the community in some way and left an hour ahead of schedule to be there on time, and do what it takes.

I was assigned to a group that manages sales at a little pop-up shop. After installing the App to process the transaction, I felt ready and as charged as my full charged up phone. I realized that the event center had Wifi and wanted to connect to it, but was told that only a few people knew the password and this person I asked was not one of them.

I toiled away at the shop, processing transactions at the speed of light. I asked again for the password and was told someone would come by and hand it to me. 3 hours went by and no sign of anyone.

I was surprised to see this same person share the WIFI password with another ‘friend’ a few inches from my table, and that friend was trying to upgrade his IOS!


The event was starting at 6 pm and I was asked to do sales until 5:50 pm. I asked if volunteers could in some way reserve a spot and come back to work. This question was met with some seriously nerdy answers “Volunteers serve and should not really care about their comfort. Service above all“.

Wow! I was so impressed, I hit my head with an imaginary shoe and went back to work. At 5:51, I found a seat in the last row and sat down feeling content with a productive afternoon -‘Service Above All’, I had lived it and was very proud. Looked around and saw that the same volunteers who had nerded out on me had great front row seats. How? Because they are smart enough to ask a friend or family member to reserve a premium spot for them, while they stood around and ‘volunteered’.


My final comment – because I want to keep this short. Volunteers could save 15$ on parking. I was happy to save $$ and volunteer. I heard two humans in the restroom saying how they had signed up to volunteer to save on parking and would just ‘show their faces’ and get to the hall quickly to grab a good seat.


Question to my dear readers – Please comment and let me know if the title should be ‘Huh?’ or ‘ Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest! ‘. If easier, just say 1 or 2.

2 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Sorry to hear but unfortunately not an uncommon scenario. I was tempted to suggest Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest as the title, but feel Huh? is the better thing to do to keep our dignity.


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