Of Thai Pop & Monday Blues

I want you to imagine holding a cricket bat/ badminton racquet. Next, imagine bouncing a ball or a birdie off the bat/racquet. Do you see the quick up and down motions? Hold that thought.

Sammy the crow visits me everyday at lunch time. *Cherry being the aerial protector of my home, barks at him endlessly. The bird picks up food, flies away and comes back for more. It never sits and eats all at once , all because of Cherry’s barking.

Cherry had to visit the groomer around lunch time and was away for a few hours. Sammy came by at lunch. He pecked at the food, then bounced off the ground like a birdie or cricket ball and landed again to get more food. He did this a few times and then settled down, realizing no one was barking at him.

I guess, Cherry had trained him to fly away after one bite, and it was just wired in his system. Even when she was not there, he did it out of habit.

I heard Dr. Joe Dispenza use this term ‘Refire/Rewire’. We do so many things out of habit without thinking, that it becomes part of our psyche. Some habits serve us well, some do not.

By default:

I turn on the TV when I have free time.

I listen to the same playlist while walking.

I take Cherry for walks along the same route everyday.

I get angry when hubby does not answer my call.

I feel anxious on Sunday evenings (Monday blues).

Why do tests automatically mean anxiety?

Dr. Dispenza’s advice is to break out of the monotony, build new neural circuits and keep things fresh. Old habits die hard, but if we catch a thought before it turns into an action or emotion, we can redo the neural circuit. If we do this enough number of times, we may have just baked ourselves a new emotion/thought.

I listened to Thai Pop while walking and it was pretty upbeat and fun!

*Cherry – Read my blog post ‘Adventures of Cherry’ to find out more about her.

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