A little goes a long way

As I write this piece, I am sitting on a bench hubby and I built with our own non-robotic hands. It is a bench that can convert from a bench with a back rest to one with a tabletop. 2 in 1 action happening here.

It took us a couple weeks to paint and assemble the whole thing. On demo day we asked kiddo to do the honors and to kindly test the backrest to table top feature. Kiddo did what she was asked to do and lo behold – it did not work!

Embarrassed, we scratched our heads, re-read the manual, walked around the bench clockwise and counter clockwise as if it would magically fix itself if we did so – nothing worked. We turned to our favorite encyclopedia ‘YouTube’ and realized we had assembled the backrest upside down. All we had to do was turn it around and presto, voila – it worked.

The whole(global) project corrected itself when a small(local) error was fixed.

*Cherry was out for grooming a few days back. I explained everything to the asst.groomer(AG) and left. When I went back to pick up Cherry, the main groomer (MG) collected the payment. I asked where (AG) was while tipping and was told …. Unable to find AG, I handed MG the generous tip and left.

Came home and kept thinking that something was not right and called the store back. I asked to speak with AG and asked her what role she had played in Cherry’s grooming. AG most definitely deserved a portion of the tip for her services.

I made a 5 minute appt with AG today and went back to give her the tip that she deserved.

I do not write this to **Impress but to Express.

I cannot feed every hungry child but surely I can feed one.

I cannot wipe off every tear off but surely I can wipe one.

I cannot stop global warming but surely I can buy earth friendly products.

My dear readers, I urge you to take a closer look at a little thing you can do today, that will hopefully fix a bigger problem. Think and act local before global. A little goes a long way.

Time to convert the tabletop to a backrest and relax.

*Cherry – my dog. Please get acquainted with her quickly, she will be a permanent fixture in all my posts.

**A favorite phrase I picked up from Jim Kwik.

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