Lather, rinse, repeat.

Kiddo robbed me of my favorite pillow and I had to use a different one.As a result, I woke up with a headache the next day. My first cup of coffee was not perfect and my mood went down hill from there. The jackhammer was way too loud, the vet was grumpy, Cherry was not behaving, no good shows on TV and on and on and on. I hope you can see the pattern of negativity that spiraled out of control.

I was reading a book that states, a person’s external reality is created by his/her internal environment (thoughts, emotions). The book also states that most of us do not have any new thoughts, because we have been conditioned by our past experiences to have a certain personality (bad coffee = bad mood). So, essentially we just recycle our thoughts & emotions, that gives us our personality, that creates our external environment.

Stay with me.

So, today I decided to go against my nature and do the opposite of what was being suggested by my mind. This experiment was to create a new reality for myself and put an end to the recycling of thoughts and emotions.

I decided to chat with the nice lady who walks past me every day. We just wave and move down our paths, but today I stopped and spoke to her. The result being, we made plans to walk together once a week. Win!

A small business owner wanted my help in advertising his business to a larger community I have access to. I am usually not the one to send mass emails but this time around I did it. Felt good that I selflessly helped someone out. Win!

I usually bite more than I can chew, and my days are overloaded with work items that need my ‘immediate’ attention. Today I politely said ‘no’ to many, and am having a light-ish day. Win!

Last but not the least , I know from past experiences that if Annie the Ant works with us, the results are often sub optimal. Today, I choose to think that the outcome will be positive with Annie the Ant on our side. In fact, I will go a step further and think that it is actually good that Annie is working with us. Hey, they are ‘just’ thoughts – why not think positive and at least feel better?Win!

So, my dear readers – tell me if you agree with the ‘recycling of thoughts’ philosophy. If so, what will you be doing differently to create a new reality for yourself?


Mysterious things have been happening and it’s all good.

I typically do not greet people if they look a bit serious (I get intimidated and want to protect myself). Today, I did greet someone much against my mind’s advice. Turns out her daughter has this amazing website on baking! Win!

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