First Law of Thermodynamics

Energy neither gets created nor destroyed.

We participated in a bake sale recently, and chose to make cake pops the old fashioned way. After baking and decorating for 3 hours, the cake pops were finally done. Half my Sunday went towards this project but I totally LOVED it.

I am told that a customer at the sale asked why this treat was priced at 4$/piece, while the others sold at 1$/piece. She(the customer) was told that the treat was hand made, individually wrapped and was priced based on the effort.

10 minutes later, they were all sold out and the monies collected went towards a great cause ,which is the sprinkle on the cake pop!

Kiddo recently had a meltdown. She spent an entire weekend doing a project while her friends were playing online games and were chatting away on their phones. She said it was not fair that she worked so hard while they enjoyed themselves.

Valid point.

I asked if anyone had asked her to work the entire weekend or if it was her choice. She said the latter, because she does not know how to do something just barely good enough.


Well then, I told her, it was her choice to spend time the way she did. Time neither gets created nor destroyed. We all get 24 hours. How we choose to spend that time is in our hands. We could watch TV all day, play online games or do a project until it meets our standards. I drew from the bake sale example – no one had asked me to bake cake pops. I could have bought store bought cookies, dipped them in chocolate and turned them in. I chose a difficult path because my goals were different and the efforts paid off.

She nodded and did not say anything. This rarely happens, but when it does, I know I have hit a home run.

Now, all I need to do is fit this “Time neither gets created, nor destroyed” into a law. Wondering what I should call this law? Thoughts?

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