Erasure Poetry – An intro

I attended a workshop on poetry last year. We tackled different forms of poetry, the one that intrigued me the most was erasure poetry.

The facilitator gave us each a page of the daily newspaper. She asked us to pick any article and read through it. We were asked to circle not more than 3-5 words per line , words that jumped out at us. Once that was done, she asked us to take a black marker and draw a bold line through the remaining words that we had not circled.

Imagine 5 paragraphs with big bold lines cancelling out the majority of words and just a few words circled. We were asked to rearrange the circled words and presto that was our poem.

I was thinking of applying this to my life. Erase traits that I do not need and keep a few traits that serve me well.

As I blackout words that do not jump out in the paragraph of my life, I will also circle a few that grab my attention. The next few posts will be an attempt at erasure poetry applied to my life.

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