Blackout – knowing when to stop

I decided to do an art project today. Brought out the easel, paints, brushes and off I went to create something beautiful. Experimented with different designs and was not satisfied, so I kept re-doing it until I saw a plastic fork lying around. Took the fork and dipped the prongs in paint and made some colored lines on the easel. It looked pretty nice and that encouraged me to do some more. So, I dipped the fork prongs in different colors and started making patterns in different directions.

I got carried away – the end result looks like netting on the insect screen of any door. If only I had known when to stop, I would have given Picasso a run for his money 🙂

Applied to my life, do I overdo things sometimes because I get carried away, to the point that the project becomes unrecognizable? Perhaps giving someone advice, thinking too much and being in my head all day, excessive feedback to kiddo/hubby in one sitting? Do I know when to stop, I asked myself?

So, I polled my family, Cherry included. I asked, how do you know when to stop?

Kiddo who does Fashion Illustration for a living said, she stops a project when the clothes on her model look balanced. Extrapolated to my life, this would mean when I am giving feedback to kiddo or ahem hubby, I do not have to point out the 100 things that might be remotely related to the topic being discussed. One positive statement + One improvement statement = Balanced Feedback for one session.

Hubby said, he decides on a beginning/middle/end for his documents before starting, and stops working on it when he feels that the goal has been accomplished. Applied to my life – set a start/middle/finish before starting a difficult conversation/project. Goal achieved = Stop Conversation/project.

Cherry said, she barks for 5 minutes for attention. When the time has passed, she stops barking and moves on to better things such as chasing squirrels. Lesson for me – set a timer for a task, and once that timer goes off, move on to something else.

As for me, I have decided to stop doing something when I am not adding any new value and feel that I am getting repetitive.

Knowing when to stop is the first blackout on my para of life.

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