Circle – I always have ..

My grandparents lived with us for 40 odd years until their passing. My mother used to volunteer at a school during that time and was offered a full time paid position, which meant $$ and longer fixed hours. She turned down the offer and continued to volunteer. I was perplexed and asked her to explain her decision. She said that charity begins at home. What was the point of serving the broader society whilst two seniors were at home that needed care. She said she volunteered the time that was left over, after serving her in laws.

That incident left a deep impact on my life and my ability to prioritize tasks. When faced with a decision, I always ask myself if it is aligned with my conscious? If not, I choose my heart over my head. I have turned down multiple lucrative job offers, flown to international locations for one day so a task could be accomplished per the wishes of everyone involved (including me) and so on.

I pride myself in my ability to prioritize well. When I look back, I never catch myself saying “I wish ..”.

I always have ..

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