My 25 grams of sugar

I live to eat. I believe that sweet foods add sweetness to my life, hence I do not refrain from consuming the same – be it in the form of a piece of chocolate or a baked item. If I am not sweet on a certain day, ’tis because I have not had my daily dose of shugah!

Sometimes, I cannot control myself and eat too much and feel guilty. Came up with a self imposed restriction, that I will not consume more than 25 grams of added sugar a day.

My favorite chocolate in the world in Milka. I have to have a piece everyday, it is my source of sustenance. Yesterday, we had many visitors and I went with the flow and indulged quite a bit on sugar treats that I did not even like (mindless eating anyone?).

As night rolled in, I was feeling too guilty to have a piece of Milka because I had exceeded my sugar quota for the day (for a lifetime – might I say). It was a sad day in history that I went to bed without having my treat.

I worry quite a bit about little things. They get stuck to my mind like a favorite song and play in an endless loop. It is so debilitating sometimes, that I am unable to take care of my family or do things that give me joy like playing with Cherry.

So, I thought, everyday I wake up with a can of emotional energy that I can use towards productive thoughts and acts, or waste on worries that deplete my reserves for the day.

The choice is entirely mine. 23 grams of sugar from my Milka or from random treats that I do not care about.

How do I choose to spend my energy today, is a question I plan to ask myself everyday. Better yet, ask myself – Is this where I want to spend my energy, is this my Milka or a random sugar treat I do not care about?

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