Klingon Lessons

I am a 100 years old now. When I was young, my full time job was to attend birthday parties of friends. It was so much fun. It was usually for 3-4 hours at the friend’s house. We had food, games, cake, prizes, music, dance. Way back then, we did not have jump houses or party themes per say, we just celebrated the friend’s birthday at his/her house with home cooked meals. It was a simple life.

Fast forward a 100 years – these days, things are so different. Kids are busy over weekends with ‘classes/activities’ that they cannot miss a weekend ukulele or Klingon class, in order to attend a party. Way back when, we did not have classes and our weekends were spent watching hours and hours of cartoons and waiting for a birthday invite. I almost became a rocket scientist with that work ethic :-).

These days, parties have to be interesting enough for kids and their parents, else they do not attend. They first check with the host on what the plans are – just hang out at home or do something fun like Bocce Ball, they ask politely. Way back when, parents and kids were just happy to spend a few hours away from each other.

When these kids grow up, will they remember the birthday parties they attended when they were kids, or sentence structure in Klingon? I think the latter, and that is why I am a 100 years old 🙂

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