The Power of Now

Most of my aha moments happen when I am on the road. Today, as I was driving, I had to make a right and join a long chain of cars. The long chain kept moving and no one was letting me join. There was one driver who made eye contact, I almost thought he would let me go, but he moved ahead.

I was upset and followed his car with my eyes, as if by doing so I would let him know I was watching him. In my mind I thought, why would anyone do that? If I were him, I would have let another car merge. Really, what has the world come to? Once, I had gone through the whole gamut of emotions, and was finished with my mental dialog with the eye contact driver, I looked to my left.

Patiently waiting for me was grandma Peach. She was letting me join and move ahead, but I was so caught up in the past that I had missed the present. I happily waved to her and merged. Thanks Grandma Peach for letting me merge and for this important life lesson.

We are sometimes so caught up with the past, we let go of the present. We are so caught up with bad happenings, that we stop thinking of the goodness in our lives.

The Power of Now!- Eckhart Tolle.

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