Circle – He man

My spatial skills need some work. I often get lost while driving and did so today, as usual (eye roll). I entered the address on the GPS in my car, but took the wrong exit. I went through strange neighborhoods, valleys, rivers… The GPS lady Martha kept asking me to turn right or left or make a legal U-turn. I did all of that and finally reached my destination in one piece. Yes, I am one of those people who gets lost with the GPS.

Martha is faithful, she does not judge and just calmly asks me to re route myself and always takes me where I am supposed to go. She is awesome.

My faith in God is such. We can call him He Man if it makes some people uncomfortable – I am cool with that. A rose is still a rose.

In life, I have faced many non-linear paths to my end goal. I got lost, made wrong turns, took some wrong exits – BUT – He Man was always there for me. He has never ever judged me. He has always calmly lead me to my end goal for which I am grateful.

He has been the lighthouse on many a rocky seas, he has been the headlight in my darkest hour, he has held my hand when I was lost, he has carried me when I was wounded.

My trust in him is my biggest circle in the para of my life.

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