Live and Let Live

Imagine me walking through Savanna Grasslands. That’s how my garden looked until I decided to get the weeds out.

I have a habit of researching everything, so I looked for the most effective way to get rid of weeds. The first tip was to use a store bought chemical that would destroy the weeds ground up. The second tip was to use household vinegar that is acidic and would kill weeds. IMO, if there was an award for the most versatile substance – vinegar would win the gold medal. The last tip that caught my eye due to its simplicity ,was just pulling them out with bare (gloved) hands. Just rip them out from the roots and put an end to them naturally.

I analyzed, and eliminated the first due to its harshness on the eco-system. I eliminated the second because I would smell vinegar every time I went into the garden. I used my bare hands to pull out the weeds and can happily state that order has been restored in my garden for now.

Could I apply this concept to humans I pondered. If I dislike someone’s company,I could be bold and let them know exactly how I feel about them. That would cut off all contact with that person and would be harsh and not eco-friendly.


I could be eco-friendly and tolerate them just like I would the smell of vinegar. Every time I could cringe silently in their company and feel emotionally drained.


I could pull the roots out of this friendship and bring the relationship to a natural conclusion by either eliminating that person from my circle of friends. Dial down the meetings, and other forms of communication until it dies a natural death.

The last option works for me – live and let live.

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