‘I’ Movement

Cherry and Coco were two puppies waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Out of earshot of their mom, they had the following conversation:

Cherry – Hey, Coco, got a minute?

Coco – ‘ssup.

Cherry – I heard that a family is coming tomorrow to get one of us. I am worried I won’t be picked. I so badly want to get adopted, but I am not sure..

Coco – Tell me more.

Cherry –

My best friends, other than you, are books.

I play with you because I love your company. I feel out of place in the pack. You are my one and only friend and I am happy with that.

I let my actions speak for themselves.

I measure my words and only speak when I can add value.

I feel more comfortable writing than starring in my own YouTube Channel.

I like to rest often and cannot play all day.

Coco: mmmkay, So?

Cherry – Do you think this family would like to have an introvert like me?

Coco – There is a place for everyone in this world. If you are right for the family, you will get adopted. Good luck bud. You are the most thoughtful, sensitive, caring friend I have ever had.

Cherry was adopted by the loving family (us) 5 years back, due to her mellow nature. We were very drawn to her Buddha personality and she is perfect for us.

Society(places of work, colleges, schools, friends, relatives) places a HUGE emphasis on bigger, louder, faster, more, more. more. There are some of us who are smaller, softer, slower, less,less,less. I wish we could join hands and start an ‘I’ movement ( I = Introvert) and let people know we exist, and are equally good and worthy of a chance(a job, an admission, a chat, a visit)….

This piece was inspired by the book ‘Quiet’ – Susan Cain.

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