The care and keeping of an orchid

We have moved in and out of several apartments/homes over the years. One thing that has been constant, is an orchid plant as a house warming gift. I think I probably moved often, just so I could receive this beautiful and elegant plant as a gift. I admire it greatly and the flowers remind me of yoda (wise and timeless).

The only problem was that I did not know how to care for an orchid. All I knew was that it was an indoor plant. I usually over/ under watered it, or placed it on the windowsill over the summer months or did not fertilize it. The orchids flowered for as long as it was possible under my negligent care, until one day they flowered no more.

This is when I got fed up of myself and attended a local workshop for ‘orchid enthusiasts’. I learned various techniques to check soil/bark conditions, so I could water properly, also about humidity and indirect light conditions. Armed with a folder full of information, I hinted that hubby get me an orchid for my birthday and he did (the man can take a hint alright :-). Happy to state that the plant has been performing well, and I now know, how to create the optimal environment for an orchid.

Do you have any orchids in your life? The soft natured, easily overwhelmed, need quite a bit of down time, love to stay indoors, cannot multi task types…(perhaps a child, a friend, a spouse ?). Do you know how to care for them in every which way? If not, take a minute to identify those orchids in your life and make an effort to learn how to care for them. Make sure you create the right environment for them to thrive, and do not let them wilt, cause they do so easily.

Oh and BTW, if you are an orchid, do practice self-care πŸ™‚

I am not one to give general life advice, but this post is a call for action, so thanks for tolerating my advicey tone πŸ™‚

This piece was inspired by ‘Dandelion and Orchid Children’ – David Dobbs.

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