I was sitting under the Oak Tree shooting the breeze when a small birdie landed at my feet. It started pecking at the grains of rice that were scattered on the ground.

I wondered …

the tiny grain of rice was tiny for me, but was probably the bird’s quarter, half or full meal.

A spider’s web is something I need to dust off, but it is the spider’s home.

Acorns on the ground are a nuisance to me and need to be swept away, but it is the squirrel’s livelihood.

A bee is worth swatting since it could harm me, but the entire world depends on bees for sustenance.

A piece of log on the forest floor is not worth a glance, but it is a lizard’s habitat.

Life may look like squiggly lines right now, a few years from now, it will look like the road that led us to our destiny.

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