My ski adventure

I believe in giving everything a try (few exceptions) before rejecting them for life. Skiing falls into one such category. I was dragged reluctantly to try this new sport a few years back. I donned my shiny bright suit, complete with ski boots and a ski mask and headed off for the first ever lesson with the teacher.

The teacher was an enthusiastic and chirpy student from overseas and was thrilled to see us. After brief introductions she showed us how to do the basic maneuvers and off we went. I stood at the top of a ‘hill’ the height of a see saw and had to ski down and make a pizza to stop. I came down alright but did not make a pizza and landed face down ( I am glad I brought cheer to you my dear readers:-).

Hubby and Kiddo had mastered it and were onto bigger and better slopes and I was stuck on the see saw hill. The instructor was patient and kind, but you cannot straighten a dog’s curly tail – can you?

Any hooo. ….she decided we had graduated the minis and were ready to come down the big guys. She loaded us on the ski lift and gave instructions on how to get off it at the head of the mountain. At the correct time just slide off the lift and onto the top of the hill she said. If you wait any longer you would be pushed off and be whacked on the head. So, timing she said was crucial. My Mantra ‘ Keep going ‘ once you reach the top.

I was hyperventilating by the time the ski lift made its way to the top. Since the only alternative was getting whacked on the head, I slid off and ‘kept going’. It was not that bad.

Today, there was a situation and I felt panicked the same way I felt at the top of the ski lift. I remembered the lesson to ‘keep going’ and do the right things. Lo behold, it turned out just fine. Had I not moved, or had stayed put, I would have never made it through the day.

Every cloud has a rainbow.

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