Practice what I preach

In my golden years, I try to keep my brain and memory sharp. I have collected various techniques over time such as writing with your left hand, trying to remember grocery lists with mnemonics, trying to learn piano, not using the GPS to navigate, train Cherry 🙂 etc.

A common denominator is that they are all very difficult and uncomfortable initially, but good for you in the long run – the experts say. I believe them nerds.

I have been dealing with a very difficult person for the past several days and do not see light at the end of the tunnel – YET. I have been taking the high road and it is so difficult to maintain my composure – cause I too have feelings you know, the kind, that get hurt. I too have hot buttons you know, the kind, when pressed flare up. I am trying to practice ‘Err on the side of mercy‘ and see how much longer I can put up with this charade.

As in brain training, there is no way to measure if the left hand writing really helped, but we just believe it did, I hope my erring on the side of mercy has some benefit that I cannot see right now, but its definitely there.

Lord have mercy!

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