Sun and Earth – True Love

My mother kept a perfect home. Everything had a place and there was a place for everything. The TV perched on top of a TV stand and we gathered around it in the living room on weekends to watch shows with neighbors. Our neighbors were nice people. We were the only family with TV, hence the entire neighborhood gathered at our home with snacks and soft drinks and stories. Good times!

The TV cart was moved around often to make sure that everyone from every angle was able to watch. Due its fair share of movement, it too aged with time. It got a bit wobbly and the wheels needed tightening.

Mother took out her dusting cloth on a certain Sunday and went about getting the house ready for the influx of visitors. She wiped the TV monitor when catastrophe struck! The TV stand started shaking and before she knew it the TV fell and the monitor broke into a million pieces. The sound of the shattering glass was unbearable to miss and we rushed to the TV room. Mom stood in shock unable to say anything.

Dad asked me to bring a large towel and he started scooping the glass shards on to the thick towel. We followed suit and in no time the glass was all collected and the towel safely disposed of. We helped wipe the floor clean and as dad directed, we went about our work. We had clear instructions to not bring this up and treat mother with utmost respect as usual even though it felt like our jugular vein had been cut off.

We had a new TV on the TV stand by Wednesday. Mom as usual went on with her cleaning rituals and dad read the newspaper in the living room. The neighbors gathered on Sunday and we all ate popcorn.

Raising a toast to the perfect couple.

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.” Look what happens to a love like that. It lights the whole sky. – Daniel Ladinsky

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