Say ‘YES’

no not to the dress.. but to opportunities.

Here is a story shared by my hair dresser H. She used to work for the government in city X until she got married. Her hubby worked in city Y. She decided to leave her secure job and live with him in city Y. It was difficult for her to find a new job.

She spent many afternoons by the window thinking about the life she had left behind. One day her landlady who lived close by asked her to come by. H had nothing better to do, so she visited the landlady L. L was starting up a beauty school and did not have any students. She requested H to come by from 1-4 pm every day and just sit in the classroom, thereby giving an illusion that the beauty school had students. H said YES and started attending beauty school every day. Soon, she started learning the trade and was among the first batch of students to graduate from L’s beauty school.

Life brought her to the United States and she struggled to make ends meet. The only tools in her box were from beauty school. She dusted off the shears and started working as a hair dresser. She worked her way to opening up her own studio. Her husband was laid off recently and they managed on her salary.

One of her clients was so impressed by her work ethic that she offered her the job of an event planner/ beautician at her son’s wedding. H said YES yet again and is now a hair dresser / event planner.

I was moved by this story and had to share it here. My takeaway is say YES to any door that opens or any opportunity that comes your way. You never know when it might come handy.

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