Sugar Syrup

I love cooking and recently learnt how to make a very special sweet treat. The recipe was very simple but at the heart of the the treat was the sugar syrup. If not made properly it would make or break the sweet the recipe stated. The sugar syrup was the core around which the entire recipe was structured.

I was in a drive through line yesterday. We were not supposed to pull up along the fire lane and I knew it. Seeing all the cars already lined up, I decided to follow the herd and backed up behind a car. It did not feel right. I was feeling uneasy and restless and finally pulled out of the drive through and parked. I walked up to where I needed to go and did what I needed to do. It was not at all discomforting to watch others do their work from the comfort of their cars and I was at peace. Why?

Because, I know who I am. I know that I like to follow rules at the end of the day. So, when I act from my core belief system, I do not feel jealous, anxious, sad or self – pity. My life is structured around my core belief system and it feels right when I operate from my core, ‘ cause that’s who I am.

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