Cherry the playful dog

Post dinner, I walk Cherry in the neighborhood everyday. She is very excited about life in general, and humans even more so. We met some neighbors walking their 3 and 13 year old dogs and stopped for a meet and greet. Cherry playfully pounced on them and their dogs and jumped up and down for attention. It was so funny and cute. The owner asked us how old she was and we said 6. She remarked in a nice way, that Cherry had a lot of energy for a 6 year old, and was super playful like a puppy.

Made me wonder – preconceived notions, how many times have I stopped myself from doing something just because <…>? When we visited a water park, I would never go on rides because it was just for kids – I told myself. I am a certain age and finding a job at this age is going to be difficult, because I am irrelevant – I told myself. I am not going to blog because my language and grammar skills need work – I told myself. These were the times when I had a fixed mindset. I have been successful when I have actually shattered the glass ceiling and reached for what was beyond.

Our thoughts create our reality, so let me not be limited in my thinking, not now, not ever.

No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.
~ Terry Josephson

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