Comfort Zone

Gramps grew up in times when there was no vaccination for polio. He was a child afflicted with polio in one leg and walked with a limp. He and his ‘friends’ walked to and from school everyday. Some kids were unkind, and threw him into a dry well sometimes, just for fun, and they would continue walking.

He found it very difficult to climb out. He did it anyway, because there was no other alternative. The kids he walked with, would be out of earshot and his home was far away, so it was a worst case scenario either way.

Determined to get out, he worked his way out of the well every time. The first few times were difficult, but over time he mastered the art of climbing out and would catch up with his ‘friends’.

I was fretting and fuming on Monday, as I had to drive a new route that was as confusing as the black hole. I got lost a few times, but did it anyway everyday, and am proud to report that as of today, I can be your tour guide should you plan a visit.

You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable in order to make progress. ‘ – anon

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