Estate Sale

Growing up we were a large middle class family. Our house was among middle and low income folks. We played together, went to pretty much the same school and shared bikes, clothes, food etc.

Dad was posted in a different town, and we had to just pack and leave in a matter of days. Things were chaotic and we were pretty much giving away a lot of the furniture, clothes and household items that we had accumulated over the years. It was painful to watch, but there was no other way. We had to travel light and buy new items in the new city. Mom gave away furniture to Archie’s family, kitchen items to Betty’s family and bags full of children’s clothes Veronica’s family and so on – to who ever asked for whatever they needed – kind of an estate sale – only free.

On the day we were leaving, everyone came to our house to bid farewell except one family. Mother was confused as they had been very close. She went over to ask them if everything was ok. The neighbor lady was furious with mother because she had not handed the clothes to her family and had instead given it to someone else. Mom said ‘But, they asked, you didn’t. How was I to know you needed them?’

How many times did I not ask, but wondered why things did not happen a certain way, or, why I did not receive something I believed I deserved.

Ask and it shall be given.

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