STOP Playing

Cherry is a fantastic soccer player and would give Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona and the like, a run for their money. Every time we step out into the yard, she will nose her soccer ball over to me and will expect me to kick it and play with her. She will chase it at full speed and kick with her nose. We love that game and its a great way to bond with her.

Every coin has two sides – once she is out playing, she will not want to come back into the house. I have tried treats, angry voices etc. nothing works. The only way she will understand that game time is over, is when I stop playing and sit down. She will kick the ball to me and try her best, when she sees that I do not engage, she will give up and will sit on the grass. Game over.

Today, I was on the road and was being tailgated by a Tesla (big car, small heart). I was annoyed since I was already in the right lane and could not move any further. Anyhow, the Tesla decided to stop chasing me and changed lanes. As the car passed, I was mumbling and saying some choice words under my breath. I was also thinking random angry thoughts about the driver that were unnecessary.

Then all of a sudden, I stopped playing. I stopped playing with my thoughts. They tried to raise their ugly head every once in a while (like Ursula) but I did not engage. Eventually, they subsided, and I focused on the song playing in the car(Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus – if you need to know).

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