20/20 vision

I went to a restaurant for lunch and was trying to read the menu card. I squinted and made odd faces until the waiter came up to me and said ‘ Yes, I know we do not have too many items on the menu, but fear not, all the dishes are very well liked‘. I wanted the earth to part and get buried, for I was not making faces at the menu items. This is when I knew, a visit to the optometrist was in order.

Fast forward now, I have reading glasses. I am on top of the world with them and can see clearly. Without them I am lost and need to find my way around.

A situation arose today, and I could not make head or tail of it. It was unclear where the wreck train was headed, due to lack of clarity. I put on my metaphorical reading glasses and asked a few important questions with a beginner’s mindset. After a few email exchanges, it was all crystal clear. The wreck train had been diverted and we were all headed to a more pleasant destination.

So, my goal starting today is to wear my reading glasses when things are not clear. Reading glasses could mean asking more clarifying questions, answering questions proactively or whatever the need of the hour is. Blurry vision is so not cool.

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