A square life

My motto in life is ‘Be Brief, Be gone’ as might be evident by my posts that usually take a minute to read. When I have to check in on kiddo, instead of saying ‘How have you been. Is anything bothering you’ etc.. I just ask ‘Homeostasis?’. She says ‘yes or no’ and we talk about it if needed.

I love the term Homeostasis. It means stability of the physiological system of humans. In simpler terms, everything is balanced internally and working as it should be, leading to perfect health.

I came across the writings of Dr. Joseph Maroon. In his book ‘Square One’, he suggests that readers organize their lives per the sides of a square. The first side is for the physical aspect of your life (how you take care of your body – regular exercise, nutrition etc). The second side is for the spiritual aspect of your life (how you take care of your soul – whatever that may be volunteering, serving, praying, reading religious texts, meditation etc). The third side is for relationships (how you take care of your heart – cultivating good friendships or other relationships that serve you well). The last side is for work (how you take care of your brain – how you apply yourself to work).

He says that in order to live a balanced life, all four sides must be of equal length. If you find yourself overdoing or under doing one over another, take stock of your life and get it into a balanced state.

Wishing you all homeostasis in your square lives.

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