Years back, we were looking for a starter home in a town house community. If you are unfamiliar with town homes, they are homes that are built to look the same. Unless you have the unit number, it is easy to get them mixed up – kinda like identical quadruplets.

So, back to my story. Our realtor had texted us the unit number and we set out to see the home. As we entered the community, there were some bright and colorful signs leading to the open house. We followed the signs and toured the house. We feel in love with it and conveyed back to our realtor that we wanted to make an offer. She faxed the paper work to us and we noticed that the price of the unit was way way above what we had been told by our realtor. We asked our realtor for clarifications and in the process found out that there were two open house events that day, and we had ended up in the wrong home which was priced higher than our budget. Let me call this unit #myfirstlove.

We made a second trip to the other unit and did not fall as much in love, but, since it was at our price point, we made an offer. Let me call this unit #notinlove. Our realtor called us back and said that the owner of #notinlove wanted to change the price on us and wanted 50 K more. We were furious and felt we were the victim of ‘bait & switch’. We felt very let down and did not feel good going into a deal with people who were not trustworthy.

We rescinded our offer on #notinlove and started looking again. After a few weeks, my realtor called and said that the owner of #myfirstlove was in a hurry to sell since she was moving out of state, and wanted to meet us at our price point. Lo behold, we ended up where we were supposed to be and loved living there and made lots of beautiful memories.

My point being – if things are meant to happen they will, no matter what. Things may not make sense when they do not work out in our favor. Be rest assured that they are part of a bigger puzzle and once it all comes together we will be able to see the better picture. Until then, stay in faith that life is rigged in your favor!

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