I have a problem

…with the way some children are spending their childhood in this day and age.

I am of the opinion that the term ‘gifted’ is overused these days. One may say that a child is a gifted musician or a gifted singer or a gifted mathematician, I am ok with that. However, I do believe that every child is gifted. Giftedness does not just belong to a certain category of people.

Under the pretext of giftedness, I have seen many many children (under the age of 15) sitting in college classrooms. I have seen parents pick play date buddies based on IQ compatibility. I have witnessed children studying when they should be playing.

I went to a wilderness camp once with kiddo, and there was a sweet kid about 12 or 13. We invited him to climb the rock wall with us. His parents had other plans. They said that they wanted to take him to the water so he could pen a poem or two or perhaps get some inspiration for music. The kid seemed very sad.

We met another child about the same age as kiddo. While talking to her, we realized that mom was answering all questions directed to her, and wanted her to practice piano for the upcoming competition. Later, mommy dearest wondered why her child was not very social like some of the other kids. Hmm, beats me.

Kids are superb at multitasking these days – flute lessons, dance lessons, choir, art, tapestry, straight A+ grades in every subject, writing papers on theoretical physics at the age of 9 and so much more. Their day starts at 6 am and ends much after 11 pm. To believe that this is all child driven, is a hard pill to swallow.

Are parents putting Zzzs at risk for the sake of As?

Yes, our education system is broken. Children get bored in the classroom, would that be because they ‘catch up’ or ‘race ahead’ of their peers over summer and have nothing new to learn during the academic year. I get it that some kids are super fast learners. Instead of acceleration, can parents could focus on depth vs. breadth. At the end of the day, it is neither the school nor the parents who are affected. It is our kids. Can we please let them have a normal childhood?

Isn’t education just a part of the pie? What other skills do parents need to instill in their kids to make the pie complete? I am thinking Creativity, Social Skills, Money Management, Stress Management, Culinary Skills, Independence, Decision Framework, Problem Solving etc. Are we doing enough in these areas for our future generation? Only parents can answer this question.

All work , no play makes *Jack a dull boy and *Jill a dull girl. Can tiger moms and gorilla dads take a chill pill?

Thank you!

*<names> are fictitious.

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