7 pieces of lumber

I enjoy DIY projects and embarked on one recently. Amazon sells these kits to build garden benches, and I decided to build one myself with my own two bare hands.

Made a trip to Lowes over the July 4th weekend, and picked out seven pieces of lumber. I wanted the best pieces for my bench, but each one had a defect. One was chipped at the end, the other had a hole in the center and so on. I poked and prodded for a while and gave up. Blemishes and all, I picked my seven and left, wanting to move on to the next phase of the project.

The next phase was, to lay out the lumber on the frame and bolt them down. The one with the hole in the center was best positioned as a ‘back rest’ piece, I pondered. The one with the chip on the side could make do as a ‘seat rest’ piece. This way, I looked at each piece of lumber and planned a spot for them on the bench.

In life, we cannot always pick and choose our peeps and also the fact that no one is perfect (myself included). We just need to come up with a plan on where to place a particular friend / relative or a group of friends/relatives based on their characteristics. We cannot expect everything from everyone.

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