Inner Cleansing

I used to purchase a face scrub that had beads in it. It was supposed to exfoliate the skin while cleaning the face (2 in 1) function. Then, I was made aware that these plastic beads in most beauty products make their way into the ocean and pollute it, hence I stopped using it.

We have so many checks and balances in place to keep our external environment clean and pollution free. We have regular smog checks for our cars, use reusable bags instead of plastic, do not dump motor oil into a drain etc.

What checks and balances do we have in place to keep our internal environment clean and pollution free? Here are some that I use. If you – my dear reader, have tools to add, please do so in the comment section – I love to learn 🙂

One tool, is to work out regularly. 30 minutes a day is enough to get started. If it is boring to walk alone, install a podcast or become a dog walker. Earn $$ while you work out – what’s not to like? I listen to music or hear my favorite podcast or audio book. Sometimes, I will be listening to a crucial part and would not want to walk home, hence I keep circling the block and get more steps out of that. Fitbit rewards me by giving trophies for hitting my goals and I love that! I also get into stats and such like avg pace etc and it is addictive. Sometimes, I do not take Cherry for a walk because she slows me down and that disrupts my numbers. Yeah, I know!

Another tool that I recommend is meditation – it allows one to turn on the torchlight inward and shine the light on dark and dusty areas within. It allows us to clean the cobwebs so to speak. I practice breath meditation but one can experiment and choose what works best for them. Headspace is a good place to start.

Yet another tool is journaling – the best way to do it, as per Julia Cameron ‘The Artists Way’ is to wake up in the morning and journal first thing. She calls it a stream of consciousness pouring out, and personally I have benefited from it. It almost feels like the Universe is guiding your pen. Mind you this only happens if you journal in the morning, not any time of day. Give it a try, but first you have to read the book 🙂

Ok then, happy cleansing!

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