Pick up sticks (Part 1)

Have you ever played the game ‘Pick up Sticks’. There are a bunch of colorful sticks that you hold above the ground. You gently let them go and they fall all over the floor. Your job is to pick up each stick without disturbing any other stick. If another stick moves, you lose your turn.

In life – physical , mental and emotional health touch each other, just like sticks in our game. For example – If you start the day with meditation you feel good and peaceful. If you feel nice on the inside, you feel nice on the outside. If you feel peaceful overall, then you do not feel the need to binge eat or stress eat. You eat a normal, healthy and balanced meal. Later, you even go for a short walk because you feel good and have eaten right. So, you see how everything is all interconnected. The same concept applies to other areas as well. You decide, starting today I am going to be self confident. Well, I feel that you need to look at other interconnected areas of your life also, such as self image, self worth and so on.

For anything to become a life long habit we need to look at all the systems that are interconnected and make changes in all those areas, not just one.

Who has the time for such a disciplined life you ask? I am addressing that very question next, stay tuned.

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