Doubting mind (1)

I know this is a very abstract topic I am attempting to blog about, nevertheless let me take a shot at it.

I had made an appointment at a gym to meet with a personal trainer. I am not a very techie person anymore and often get lost in the sea of apps. My appointment was a day away at 5 pm, and I started receiving text messages every hour or so.

The text messages were along the lines of how I needed to make fitness a priority and should not cancel the first appointment for any reason. It was mildly encouraging and sounded a lot like Mary Poppins asking me to move, be true to myself, not let myself down and that I would be making an excuse if I were to cancel the appointment.

I got increasingly frustrated and was kicking myself on why I had not researched this gym enough. The texts were driving me crazy and I wanted to meet that trainer and give him a piece of my mind.

That is exactly what I did. The next day, at 5 pm I marched into the gym and demanded to see the trainer. He knew something was up and we went into his office. Before we could discuss my fitness goals, I told him that the hourly texts had been extremely annoying and I knew how to keep an appointment and that I did not need reminders, young man!!

He patiently waited until I had let off steam and then said that they had a software system that sent automated messages, like those from <>. All the messages I had been receiving were from the system and not personally from him.

Embarrassed, I apologized for my error in judgement and left. This is an example of a doubting mind. It does not serve anyone and is fed by the ego and supports a fixed mindset.

The next post, titled Inquiring mind (2) is a continuation of this series. Remember my motto? Be brief, Be gone.

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